NAMI Walks

Watch this site for information about NAMI Walks 2014.
Information below is about the 2013 Walk.

What is NAMI Walks?
NAMI Walks is a 5 kilometer walk (about 3 miles).

Where is NAMI Walks?
On the Santa Monica Promenade and ocean front.

When is NAMI Walks?
Saturday, October 5, 2013- 8 AM Registration begins-9 AM Opening ceremony and speeches-10 AM Walk starts – it will be finished before noon.

Who is in NAMI Walks?
We hope you will be there.  NAMI SGV’s goal is to field over 100 walkers this year.  You will be joining over 4,000 walkers on the Promenade.  You need to invite friends, family and co-workers to walk with you.  If you can’t walk, please support one of our teams, anyway.

Why should we get involved in NAMI Walks?
The purpose of NAMI Walks is to raise public awareness about mental illness, to fight stigma, and to grow NAMI.  Just as walk/runs for breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other diseases have helped focus attention on them and make it easier for people to talk about them, we believe NAMI Walks will help bring mental illness into the sunshine, and this will happen when we all can openly and happily say, “I am here because I love someone with a mental illness”.

The more participants we have, the more likely it is that NAMI Walks will receive recognition by the news media.  Also, we demonstrate our solidarity and our resolve to the public, so that more and more people whose lives have been touched by mental illness will know about NAMI and will be encouraged to join our cause. Most of the Walk donations support us here at NAMI San Gabriel Valley, a small percentage support our LA County, California and National programs.

We are anticipating the 2013 event to be the largest walk for mental health in our county. Please mark your calendar and make plans to join us!

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