Conservatorship Information

Department of Mental Health Friends and Family Meeting

 Family and Friends is a series of ongoing meetings. This is a great informal DMH meeting with Helena Ditko and her staff of DMH, Office of Family Engagement. It provides a valuable opportunity for families to learn about DMH services, provide feedback on their experiences,
network and meet other families. This is the first one of the year and will be re-organized – a very worthwhile meeting for family outreach by DMH.
Our next LPS Conservatorship meeting is May 13.  This is very important as it will have Jonathan Sherin, MD, PhD, our new Director of DMH and Rod Shaner, MD, Medical Director of DMH who will speak and take questions!

Conne Dreaxler head of Public Guardian office will also be there to answer LPS Conservatorship questions.

May 2017 LPS Mtg.

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